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— What's guayusa? —

For centuries it was a best kept secret of Amazon tribes, now it's your chance to try it! Ilex Guayusa is a subspecies of tropical holly similar to yerba mate. The plant comes from Ecuadorian rainforests. Kichwa and Jiwaro tribes use its leaves to prepare traditional infusions rich in natural caffeine, vitamins, minerals, l-theanine and huge dose of antioxidants. Guayusa tea stimulates, improves concentration, helps reduce stress and strengthens immune system. It will be a great source of natural caffeine and a healthy alternative to coffee or energy drinks.

Learn how to prepare a guayusa tea infusion.

Pachamama Guayusa Tea

Pachamama Guayusa Tea comes from a small organic plantation in the Amazon jungle in Napo, Ecuador. The plant is grown in a wild, unpolluted ecosystem in accordance with natural vegetation cycle. without artificial stimulation with pesticides or other chemicals. Each package contains high quality hand-picked guayusa leaves previously subjected to strict selection. The highest production ethics are confirmed by the organic certificate awarded to Pachamama guayusa tea.

Discover Pachamama Guayusa Tea!

Our guayusa is characterized by a delicate, plant aroma and mild flavour. We recommend it both as a hot infusion or cold refreshment. You can mix it with your favourite fruits, juices, herbs or even yerba mate. To take full advantage of the properties hidden in inconspicuous green guayusa leaves, we've prepared various flavor variations of Pachamama based only on natural, ecological ingredients.

What makes Pachamama is the best guayusa tea brand on the market?

ORGANIC Produced under strictly controlled conditions without the use of any chemicals; One of the first brands of organic guayusa that appeared on the market!

DELICIOUS Unlike competing darker varieties, our air-dried green guayusa has excellent flavor and a very high content of natural caffeine.

TRUSTED The intimate, traditional character of the plantation in perfect harmony with modern, ecological solutions to deliver the highest quality.

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Pachamama Energia – the most energizing Ilex guayusa on the market!

Pachamama Energia – the most energizing Ilex guayusa on the market!
Autumn and winter is time when many people need additional stimulation. Shorter days and specific weather escalate the feeling of tiredness. We have a solution - Pachamama Energia infusions will not only boost your energy level but also guarantee pleasant taste sensations!

Pachamama Menta Limón – organic guayusa with mint and lemon

Pachamama Menta Limón – organic guayusa with mint and lemon
There is no need to introduce guayusa to anyone - this Ecuadorian sister of yerba mate gains more and more popularity in Europe. Today we will introduce a refreshing blend of guayusa, mint, and lemon. What properties does Pachamama Menta Limón have?

Great premiere! Guayusa Pachamama Energia and Terere available now!

Great premiere! Guayusa Pachamama Energia and Terere available now!
It’s beautiful and golden autumn out there - and we’re not slowing down. We have just launched two new Guayusa Pachamama products. The fact that the number of our products is constantly growing is the best proof of our clients’ trust. We encourage you to try and taste Guayusa Pachamama Energia and Guayusa Pachamama Terere!

Guayusa and weight loss

Guayusa and weight loss
Guayusa was recognized mainly because of its energizing properties but it turned out that this plant has many purposes. Besides improving mood and boosting immunity, guayusa may also be helpful when slimming. How is it possible? Let’s find out!
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