Pachamama Energia – the most energizing Ilex guayusa on the market!

Pachamama Energia – the most energizing Ilex guayusa on the market!

Autumn and winter is time when many people need additional stimulation. Shorter days and specific weather escalate the feeling of tiredness. We have a solution - Pachamama Energia infusions will not only boost your energy level but also guarantee pleasant taste sensations!

Pachamama Energia – what does it do?

Guayusa Pachamama Energia is the highest-quality organic guayusa from Ecuador completed with the addition of guarana and lemongrass. Such a blend is an excellent source of health-promoting properties and fantastic taste! In the case of this product, the properties were boosted by guarana - the fruit that contains natural caffeine as well. Lemongrass, in turn, brings some citrusy aroma to the whole that guarantees refreshment and boosts metabolism. What is interesting, the effect of stimulation after drinking guayusa infusion concerns psychical level - it means that we can see the effects such as the improvement of concentration and mood stabilization. Guayusa is also the source of many vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants. While drinking it, we actively support our organisms!

Pachamama Energia – best organic guayusa on the market

Pachamama Energia – who may like it?

Guayusa with guarana and lemongrass is a great combination not only in terms of properties but also the taste. Subtly vegetal guayusa perfectly combines with the sour flavor of lemongrass and bitter yet refreshing guarana. Pachamama products are a perfect option for everyone who enjoys so-called conscious shopping - guayusa comes from an organic plantation in Ecuador but this is not all! Other ingredients that are contained in Pachamama products are also from ecological plantations so you can be sure of its highest quality! We highly encourage you to try the newest energizing Pachamama product! Feel the taste of nature and enjoy the health-promoting properties of ecological guayusa!

Guayusa Pachamama Energia 250gGuayusa Pachamama Energia 250g
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