Great premiere! Guayusa Pachamama Energia and Terere available now!

Great premiere! Guayusa Pachamama Energia and Terere available now!

It’s beautiful and golden autumn out there - and we’re not slowing down. We have just launched two new Guayusa Pachamama products. The fact that the number of our products is constantly growing is the best proof of our clients’ trust. We encourage you to try and taste Guayusa Pachamama Energia and Guayusa Pachamama Terere!

Guayusa Pachamama Energia – energizing power of nature

Guayusa Pachamama Energia was created especially for people who need additional stimulation and don’t want to give up the highest standards. Guayusa Energia is a combination of the best ecological guayusa on the market that comes from a plantation in Ecuador with lemongrass and guarana - all ingredients come from organic plantations. This product doesn’t contain any artificial additives - aromas that were used during the production process are natural. Guayusa Energia guarantees a high dose of caffeine what gives a strong and long-lasting stimulation effect. Refreshing, sour taste provides you with pleasant taste sensations. Infusions may be brewed both hot and cold. What is more, thanks to the content of lemongrass, this product may positively influence the regulation of metabolism and cholesterol levels.

Guayusa Pachamama Terere – feel the summer!

Guayusa Terere is a perfect option for every fan of cold infusions. This time, delicious and delicate guayusa was combined with lemongrass and mint. These ingredients, besides refreshment, guarantee positive effects on health. Lemongrass is to support metabolism and immunity. Mint provides relief during indigestion, it also has an antibacterial and antivirus effect. With Guayusa Pachamama Terere you can prepare many delicious infusions. Use water, ice cubes, herbs, fruit, or juice to find out how many versions you can try! A pleasant feeling of refreshment and stimulation will make you think about long summer days - it will surely raise your spirits. We encourage you to try new Guayusa Pachamama products!

Guayusa Pachamama presents new products: Guayusa Energia and Guayusa Terere.

Guayusa Pachamama Energia 250gGuayusa Pachamama Energia 250g
£7.35£11.26£29.40 / kg
Guayusa Pachamama Terere 250gGuayusa Pachamama Terere 250g
£11.17£11.26£44.68 / kg