Guayusa Pachamama Menta Limon - a new product of our brand!

Guayusa Pachamama Menta Limon - a new product of our brand!

Recently our brand launched a new flavour of organic guayusa. Pachamama Menta Limon is a unique combination of Ecuadorian species of the holly and refreshing taste of mint and lemon. How good is this unusual mix? Keep reading!

Guayusa Pachamama Menta Limon – what does it contain and how does it taste?

As you probably already know, Ilex guayusa is closely related to yerba mate. Although both plants contain natural caffeine and their leaves play important role in the energizing infusions, guayusa is characterized by much subtler taste without bitterness. Thanks to its character, guayusa blends well with other natural additions. Our premiere Pachamama Menta Limon, besides the holly itself, contains also herbs and fruit from organic plantations. Mint brings to the whole a delicate taste note that perfectly matches the vegetal aroma of guayusa. The combination was completed with lemongrass and lemon zest that provides a great and refreshing aroma. This well-balanced mix will surely suit every fan of delicate infusions with high energizing potential. Pachamama Menta Limon is just perfect!

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Guayusa Pachamama Menta Limon – properties and influence on the organism

Guayusa is not only a great dose of natural caffeine. Infusions made of this Ecuadorian type of holly are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help to support the immune system. What is more, they contain L-theanine which stimulates alpha waves in the brain and boost concentration and memory skills. It is also worth mentioning the additions. Lemongrass has an antibacterial and calming effect. What is more, it relieves muscle pain. Mint contains antioxidants and supports the digestive system. The last ingredient, lemon zest seems inconspicuous. However, it contains even ten times more vitamin C than the flesh. As you see, Pachamama Menta Limon is not only about great taste huge energizing potential - it also has many health-promoting properties. You must try it!